What is Ductable AC?

Ductable AC can simply be installed using a single unit which makes them a simple and sophisticated cooling option. A perfect cooling machine for large homes and commercial properties. A ducted air conditioning system is one which functions by pumping cool air through a centrally located cooling unit.

Ductable AC in Surat

Features of Ductable AC System

Easy to control

Ducted air conditioning systems are controlled via a simple to operate push button keypad that is conveniently located in a high traffic area of your property. Simply press a button, and all of your zones are flushed with cool air or press again, and your entire system is turned off as needed. You can even set timers for your air conditioning unit to blast the property with cool air at certain times or to turn off after a set period.

Zones for flexibility

Zoning allows for isolation of the ducted air conditioning unit so you can enjoy the cool air in the rooms you are living in and don’t waste the air in rooms that are not being used. For example, if bedrooms are not being used during the daytime and you want to run the air conditioning, simply turn off these zones on the central control and only send air conditioning to the rooms you are using.

Less noise

Ducted air conditioning is whisper quiet and allows for a comfortable night sleep without the sounds of a compressor close by. The master compressor system is situated in a position outside the property that is usually away from bedrooms making the system quiet and without the standard humming and noise that emits from traditional split system air conditioning units.

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